LOST Hieroglyphs

Quick, I need a translator!

Crazy episode tonight. Sayid is getting a bit intense.


  1. Anonymous11:09 AM

    The "S" and the "A" were easy to catch when watching the episode. On a very quick zip through a list of hieroglyphs, it looks to me like:

    sign Z4B (or Y or J)
    sign J21C
    sign Z6

    But, I don't know the phonetic value (or word meaning) of the other three signs, and I'm working up the courage to ask the very serious-minded folks on the Ancient Egyptian language mailing list.

    Maybe someone else will come up with a quicker (and more accurate) explanation! :-)


  2. I've heard:

    "to cause to die"

    (don't think that's a good one. Doesn't work out)


    "causes die"

    (which strikes me as a LOST-esque type statement)

    Would love to hear a definitive argument on it.

  3. Most of the fans are pointed to this as definitive. I don't know that it is. The black/red background question (two 'phrases' or 'words'?) should be addressed.

    If you want additional food for thought, you might look here.

  4. Anonymous3:10 PM

    This is what has come up so far on an Ancient Egyptian Language mailing list I belong to, fwiw:

    The first three symbols taken phonetically spell out swDA, meaning "death" or "die"

    The final symbol also means "death" or "die"--in this method of writing, a picture added to confirm that the first four symbols should be read phonetically, not as individual words

    That leaves out the fourth symbol, or allows for a misspelling of swDA, or (the most likely explanation, now that I've checked the link in your second post and seen that this phrasing is straight out of a dictionary) the entire thing together means: "kills LOSTaways dead."

    In any case, I suppose we should all be glad Locke remembered the numbers in time. More or less in time.

  5. Anonymous3:11 PM

    P.S. - the post above is from me, again, meritahut.livejournal.com

  6. Anonymous2:02 PM

    I came across this if anyone is still interested.

    Click here

  7. Anonymous9:49 AM

    a more important question is why is that writen in hieroglyphs in the first place?


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