iPhone Conundrums

Suit Accuses Apple, AT&T of Monopoly

The article on Digg points to the wrong link. Here's the corrected link.

Intentionally breaking third party applications for their phone hardware is what is going to get Apple in trouble, in the end. It's what got Microsoft in trouble, intentionally 'breaking' Netscape's ability run on updated Windows products (something that was reversed in later releases) so that Internet Exploder, urm, Explorer, would run unchallenged on Windows systems. This was SOP at Microsoft for many years.

Yes Microsoft dominates the software market currently, but I wonder how much longer this will be true; and how is Apple ever going to gain customer loyalty when they alienate whole sections of their userbase by purposefully breaking their customers phones with software updates?

First you pay 200 dollars too much for the thing, and now it doesn't work at all. Thanks Apple. Stick with Palm or LG or Nokia next time, lusers.

...And then the other shoe drops. So much for Apple's control over their product base....

Hackers Claim to Revive 'Bricked' iPhones
It's unclear, however, how permanent any "unbrick" fix will be, or whether changes to the hacks that allow modifications will survive the next Apple iPhone update.
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...but I still say you should have bought a Palm...!

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