Review: Thank You for Smoking

I thought I write a few words of tribute to the film Thank You for Smoking.
"That's the beauty of argument; because if you argue correctly you're never wrong" -Nick Naylor
I rented this film over the weekend knowing that I'd have plenty of time to watch it at some point before it was due back. I don't think I had it for a full 24 hours before I laughing my butt off in front of the television asthe Yuppie Mephistopheles did his best to convince me that I needed to smoke cigarettes.

The film revolves around a big tobacco lobbyist, Nick Naylor, and his experiences talking up the subject of smoking. Considering how smoking is reviled these days, and how many arguments I've had with people concerning smoking bans, and being a former smoker myself, none of the ironic humor found in this film was lost on me.
"but you still haven't convinced me"
"See, I'm not after you; I'm after them."
I noticed at one point that Nick Naylor's son attends St. Euthanasius school. Too funny. Written and directed by libertarian thinkers, this film takes great pleasure in poking holes in much of the hysteria around cigarettes and smoking; while at the same time lampooning everything from lobbying to product placement in films. If you have a sense of humor, then I can't recommend this film strongly enough.

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