THE BIG ISSUE: $53 trillion in unfunded liabilities

I don't think this issue can be talked about long and loud enough. It's the 900 lb. gorilla in the room, and it's hungry:
This means that every full-time worker owes a staggering $440,000, courtesy of government excess. Eventually, that debt must be paid, either in higher taxes, or in reduced benefits. These numbers represent a looming crisis of staggering proportions.
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These are just current debt projections. If you add on all the programs that the various mainstream presidential candidates would like to tack onto this staggering debt load (like single payer health care. Just sign over your children and grandchildren, because they will never know a debt free moment in their lives) it becomes a complete order of magnitude worse.

If you want to know why the dollar continues to weaken, you need look no farther.

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