Tron Legacy. Let's hope it is.

Been hearing rumors of this film for years. There was an early teaser trailer out more than a year ago that left me wondering if I wanted to see it or not. Looked promising. Still looks promising.

Tron is one of my favorite films. I saw it in a theater, first run (Two Babylon 5 stars worked together for the first time on that film. Can you name them?) The story of the making of that film should be a film in itself (Oh wait, it is) Every single frame of Tron that takes place in the digital world had to be hand processed, matted, painted, etc. A back breaking labor of love that makes today's digital effects seem like a cake walk.

The new film looks to be grittier and grimmer (go figure) and packed full of more explosions than they could even imagine doing back in 1982. I'm hoping they remembered to include a story. In any case, I'm sure I'll be there opening night. The Wife loves movies with explosions.

This is yet another article I forgot I wrote and then rediscovered after going back through the blog.  I really enjoyed Tron Legacy.  I loved pretty much everything about it, there was far more story in the new film than was present in the first one.  The effects were amazing, and it was beautiful seeing the actors reprise their roles so faithfully.  This film was one of the true bright spots in Hollywood's insistence in remaking all of the films I loved as a child. I can't recommend it highly enough.

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